Catherine Baker: Under the Skin: Investigating the implications of bio-medical imaging on patients

Norwich University of the Arts logoCatherine Baker CREST Symposium Poster 2013This project will use the creation and exhibition of new works of art to explore bio-medical imaging and, specifically, how the imagery these methods generate is used as a communicative tool between doctors and patients.

Imaging techniques enable the body to reveal that which is often hidden from plain sight and the use of such images within medicine is well established and widespread. People often see these images at turning points in their own lives, or the lives of the people they care about. They quite literally see what is under the skin and the secrets that are revealed can have a profound effect on their physical sense of self and their mortality: if their bone is broken; that they are going to be parent; that they may well die. These images often require explanation and interpretation, but are the key starting point for that discussion.

Research will focus on the notion of revealing what’s under the skin and the implications of doing so for patients and medical professionals. We hope that the work will raise public awareness of the importance of images as a powerful communicative medical tool, promote discussion and self-reflection about the contexts in which they are presented.

Download poster: Catherine Baker CREST Symposium Poster 2013