Cornelia Butler & Hugues Séraphin: Can tourism deliver peace through corporate and sustainable responsibility practices? The case of Kenya and Haiti

The University of WinchesterCornelia Butler & Hugues Seraphin CREST Symposium Poster 2013



Sustainable development is not just about mitigating negative impacts but pro-actively engaging with them and all the stakeholders, through a focus on corporate and sustainable responsibility initiatives. Both Kenya and Haiti have a strong legacy left by the slave trade in terms of mistrust. This paper examines CSR initiatives in the tourism sector which could engage citizen diplomacy and increase transparency in Kenya (starting point) and Haiti (extension point).

There is a dearth of research associating tourism development in black countries with peace and CSR in problematic destinations like Kenya and Haiti. This paper contributes to the meta-literature by focusing on how tourism contributes to the reconciliation of the different classes but more importantly transcends the concept of oppressive governments.

Starting with key concept analysis, this article adopts a progressive approach presenting the studied destinations and then a comparative analysis. It seeks to answer one key question: To what extent CSR practices in tourism can bring peace in Kenya and Haiti? The objective is to discover if the impacts of CSR practices are the same.

Methodologically, this article builds on academic critical literature on CSR practices and tourism development. This study is going to adopt a comparative and inductive approach.

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