Jaygo Bloom: The Human Touch: The enchantment of objects and the mechanics of gameplay within art & design

Norwich University of the Arts logoJaygo Bloom CREST Symposium Poster 2013Everywhere everything is ordered to standby, to be immediately on hand, indeed, to stand there just so that it may be on call for a further ordering (Heidegger 1977).

Heidegger defines his metaphor of ‘technicity’, as the ‘challenging-forth’ (Gestell) of nature, both in terms of its generation through the ordered, linear model of modern industrial technology (eg. coal, oil, hydro-power, etc) and in terms of the switchable systems that were required to route both the electrical production, distribution and consumption itself.

For the Millenials (Generation Y) with their fingers keenly commanding the optic infrastructure of the world wide web, todays’ social encounters are predominantly composed of real-time digital transmissions, played out through a sophisticated array of network-embedded objects (enchanted), composed of game-like scenarios, defined through mixed reality narratives. Counter to Heidegger’s original statement of ‘challenging forth’ there is today a ‘streaming forth’ (Berry, 2012) of real time data processes, a move away from reserves always on ‘standby’ to interconnectivity, to pervasiveness, to responsive networks with feedback built into design.

During this session we will discuss art and design models that engage with the streaming forth of data processes, primarily looking at the enchanted object and the mechanics of game play as a means by which to bring about unexpected and divergent connections across new territories that inform our perception of social space.