University of Chichester Annual Research Conference

The University of Chichester Annual Research Conference will be taking place on the 12th July 2013.  Both internal and external research will be presented, across a wide range of disciplines.  Registration will open at 9.30am with the opening words given by the Vice-Chancellor shortly after 10am.

Parallel speaker sessions will run throughout the day with a poster session at lunchtime.  Displays of publications and training materials will also be available.  Lunch will be provided in addition to morning and afternoon tea/coffe breaks.

The final presentation session will end at 3.40pm with closing remarks ending the day at 4pm.

The Annual Research Conference is a multi-disciplinary event with something for everyone, showcasing the quality and variety of research at the University.  Additionly, some external presentations will be given from members of other CREST institutions, in order to promote research dissemination and collaboration.