National Geographic documentary to profile Chichester biomechanics and sports research

University footballers have been filmed by scientists from National Geographic for a new documentary about technology in sport.

The programme, which also features Sports Science lecturer Dr Neal Smith, a Field Leader in Biomechanics and Research methods, explores how athletes can improve their game using ground-breaking equipment.

It follows on from University research conducted on superstar Cristiano Ronaldo which used specialist technology, developed in conjunction with Chichester, to analyse his famous free-kick technique. Academics and scientists took to the Astroturf with the camera equipment, which captures 300 frames per second, to measure the players’ speed and trajectory after kicking a football.

Dr Smith said: “We have been testing the footballers using motion capture systems and ten infra-red cameras to measure angular velocities and gain an indication of the foot-to-ball ratio. This has been a unique opportunity to showcase our research which using this technology and to play a part in what promises to be a fascinating documentary.”

The programme, which also features interviews with Columbian striker Radamel Falcao and former Real Madrid winger Luis Figo, will be shown throughout May as part of the build-up to the Brazilian World Cup.

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