Newman University announces its Humanities Research Group Seminar Series for 2014-15

Newman University have announced their Humanities Research Group Seminar Series for 2014-15. Seminars are held in Thursdays, 4.30-5.30PM, and students and staff from across the CREST network are welcome to attend. For more information please contact Dr Noelle Plack (

9 OCTOBER 2014 – Dr Stephen Pihlaja (Newman) ‘Discourse dynamics in emerging communities: why complexity matters in humanities research’

6 NOVEMBER 2014 – Dr Helen Cousins (Newman) ‘Colouring the Canon: Black British Writing and English Literature’

4 DECEMBER 2014 – Dr Louise Hickman (Newman)
‘Hyenas and Hegemony: Mary Wollstonecraft’s radicalism and the heaven-lighted spark of reason’

22 JANUARY 2015 – Dr Kate Katafiasz (Newman)
‘Secrets of the Obscene’

12 FEBRUARY 2015 – Prof Steve Moyise (Chichester/Newman Visiting Professor)
‘Was the Birth of Jesus according to Scripture?’

5 MARCH 2015 – Dr Alisa Miller (NUA / CREST)
‘The Idealized Soldier: Building a composite heroic figure, 1914-1920’

19 MARCH 2015 –Dr Tim Hutchings (Durham)
‘Publishers, Preachers and Popes: Digital Media and Christian Authority’

30 APRIL 2015 – Dr Chris Langley (Newman)
‘Social care and obligation in early modern Scotland, c.1550-1700’

21 MAY 2015 – Dr Rosemary Mitchell (Leeds Trinity)
‘Household History: Representations of Sir Thomas More and his Family as Domestic Icons in Victorian Historical Culture’

27 MAY 2015 (Wednesday) – Dr Noelle Plack (Newman)
‘Drinking and rebelling: the problems of tax revolt, intoxication and popular agency in Revolutionary Paris, 1789-91’